Top 5 Tips for New Yorker’s to Improve Your Fitness Performance

Exercise, sweat, eat, repeat makes for a decent, but basic training mantra. If you want to truly maximize your fitness gains, eventually you need to train smarter: smarter eating, smarter moving, smarter recovering.

But with the vast quantities of fitness info available these days, it can be hard to know what exactly makes for smart training, and what’s yet another forgotten fitness fad.

Owner of Hanson Fitness and Celebrity Trainer Harry Hanson, who has trained stars such as Sandra Bullock and Tyra Banks, is sharing his top 5 tips to improving your fitness performance.

1. Fuel your body – before any exercise, you should make sure your body is properly fueled and prepped for the workout to come. Establish and understand which foods work best for you and give yourself something nutritious before training.

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2. Warm up – taking time to properly warm up your body should never be underestimated. It improves movement quality so that you can avoid injury and consistently perform at your very best.

3. Minimize rest periods – maximize your workout by cutting down your rest intervals. This will automatically increase the intensity of your workout and keep your heart rate elevated throughout. It’s easier to keep going strong compared to stopping constantly.

4. Keep track – log the details of each workout (details of what you did, elapsed time, how much of a challenge it was for you, etc.) so you can easily track your progress. This is a simple way to make sure you’re always challenging yourself. Continually tweak elements to keep raising your game!

5. Do workouts you enjoy – this one might be the most important of all. Finding a workout you love and truly enjoy is the key to staying consistent! If you absolutely hate it, chances are you won’t do it and will be more inclined to skip out!

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