Harry Hanson

Harry Hanson turned his passion for fitness into a career as an entrepreneur and celebrity personal trainer, catering to Hollywood stars and NFL players.

Turning a Passion for Physical Fitness into a Thriving Business

Harry’s had a lifelong interest in physical training, starting with weight lifting at 13 and going on to winning 15 competitive power-lifting titles. He eventually applied his entrepreneurial talent to his passion for physical fitness and opened Hanson Fitness, described by Allure magazine as a “state-of-the-art fitness center in New York’s SoHo district.”

As his celebrity reputation grew so did the demand for his service. He soon found it necessary to open an additional facility located in New York’s Union Square. His fitness centers use The Fitness System, which Harry developed specially to motivate and educate clients by helping them master a series of short-term goals that achieve long-term results.

Clients Who Rock the Red Carpet

Harry described by the New York Daily News as “one of New York’s most sought after fitness gurus” and voted celebrity fitness trainer of the year by MSNBC, has trained tightened and toned Hollywood and sports A-listers for more than 20 years. He was retained by Paramount Pictures and Tri-Star Productions and counts Tyra Banks, Julianne Moore, Sandra Bullock, Woody Harrelson, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Eric Dane and the NY Rangers among his clients.

He has appeared on TV shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Extra, The Today Show, Good Morning New York, New York One, The View, PIX New York, and had been written up in TV Guide, Cosmopolitan and Esquirer to name just a few (see the complete press list here). Harry also wrote Get Your Rear in Gear, the most comprehensive book on how to tone and shape body’s most universal trouble spot. And in addition to all of this he has found time to work with children at various youth centers and schools in New York City.

Harry is helping people everyday to achieve their fitness goals at Hanson Fitness

Harry's long career of winning power-lifting competitions, training celebrities and professional athletes is still in full effect. Yet, Harry also works with many of the clients that walk in to Hanson Fitness and want to improve their health. His passion for helping people is always top priority. He is consistently training clients at both the SoHo and Union Square locations. 

Feel free to call and make an appointment, or just walk in and chat to the amazing team at Hanson Fitness.