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Hanson Fitness offers a new way to embark on your fitness journey!

We have all the tools you need to overcome obstacles and achieve the health and wellness you’re striving for.

With a modern, spacious fitness center, and New York City’s best personal trainers, all your goals are within reach.

Whether you’re just starting out, maintaining an established routine, or looking to take your fitness to new heights, Hanson Fitness is the right place for YOU!

Personal Training Made Easy!

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10 Training Sessions

60 Minutes

$ 105 Session

5 Training Sessions

60 minutes

$ 115 Session

1 Trial Training Session

60 minutes

$ 135 Session

*Exclusive Rate - 10 Sessions

with the same trainer

$ 150 Session

The Hanson Fitness Mission is Strength & Conditioning

When you join Hanson Fitness, you get the best parts of a gym membership AND a personal training package. Imagine doing all of your workouts in a modern fitness center with an expert personal trainer by your side every time. 

Call and schedule your sessions so that your workouts fit with your busy NYC lifestyle.

Our Equipment

All of our equipment is specifically chosen based on our strength and conditioning programs and is state-of-the-art.

Our Personal Trainers

All of our trainers are certified and have expertise in fitness, lifestyle changes & health, so rest assured that you are in great hands.

Your Premiere Choice for Personal Training in SoHo

Are you ready to improve your fitness training, or simply start from scratch on the road to getting in shape? At Hanson Fitness SoHo, we specialize in helping our clients meet their fitness goals every day.

With elite trainers and a top flight facility, Hanson Fitness SoHo has everything you need to succeed. In a clean and lively setting we offer state-of-the-art fitness equipment, free weights and props to cover every area of your exercise routine. In addition, we have some of the best trainers in NYC who are ready to help guide you in achieving optimum results.

If you are looking for private training gyms near SoHo, look no further than Hanson Fitness in SoHo.

Dedicated Personal Trainers

Allowing one of our experienced and dedicated trainers to help you maximize your workout efforts can really help you achieve great strides in a shorter period of time. Our professional personal trainers hold certificates and degrees. They are friendly and passionate about helping clients like you.

Contact us today to begin your new fitness journey with one of the best personal training gyms in SoHo.

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