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At Hanson Fitness, we focus on your fitness and health. If you are looking for the best private training gym near NYC, look no further. We have two excellent gyms and facilities that include all of the features you need to get in outstanding shape, including state-of-the-art equipment, props, free weights, as well as our team of dedicated and professional trainers.

We offer an entire package of solutions to help you meet your fitness goals. At Hanson Fitness, we can create an exercise plan personally tailored to meet your short and long terms objectives.


We offer the facilities for you to work out with your clients, one on one.


Hanson fitness has been working with adults for over 30 years, changing lives, slowing the aging process and helping people to obtain their individual goals.


Many Hanson Fitness clients are over the age of 65! We understand that the goals of these clients can differ from someone who is thirty something.


Hanson Fitness has been developing kids’ programs for children at schools and in our gyms for over 15 years.


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Woojin Jon

I consider this place as my second home. Hanson ensured my smoother transition to college, as Harry and his teams know how to train with busy college students. As they are extremely friendly to clients and passionate about their jobs, Hanson Fitness is like a family to me. Also, the place provides a private and welcoming atmosphere which ensures you to train proactively! I have been training here since my freshman year, and it has been the best personal training experience I've ever had! If you are seeking the best personal training studio in NYC, the answer is here! College students, I strongly encourage you to sign up for a trial if you wanna train! (Cheers to Andrei!!!)

Mara Liz

Hanson Fitness provides convenience and flexibility as you can book your sessions last minute based on your schedule. The atmosphere is private, never too crowded yet familiar and friendly. Very professional and knowledgeable trainers, will hear your needs, create a workout that meets your goals, push you to your limits, keep you motivated while explaining the fundamentals, the benefits of each move and watch that you don't hurt yourself in the process. Its all been progress for me while at Hanson Fitness.

Susan N

Hanson Fitness is the best!!! Harry and his team have helped me keep fit and stay in good shape for the past 25 years. They are essential in my Soho life!

Alex Rosner

Regular training sessions at Hanson Fitness have proven to drive excellent results in an environment that is very clean and encompasses all the convenience and style of SoHo. Being able to get A+ training, close to home, with clear and obvious strength/toning results makes me a repeat and regular client. Hanson Fitness sits in the heart of SoHo on Wooster St and offers a state of the art gym with great oldies music and makes you feel like you have your own private gym each time. Staff is friendly and young and results are around the corner.

Susan J.

I am a female in her sixties. I began working with Hanson Fitness in 1990. Recently, as part of a routine physical exam, I was given a Nuclear Medicine Bone Scan at the Mayo Clinic. My bone density was so good that the numbers were too high to plug into the algorithms on their calculator. The doctors attributed this to the weight bearing exercises and strength training practiced by Harry and his trainers at Hanson Fitness. Bottom line: according to the Mayo Clinic, my calculated ten year probability of fracture is 0.2%. That's one-fifth of one percent for all you non-mathematicians. In my estimate, that is one kickass testimonial!

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