How does scheduling work?

Regularly scheduled appointments can be arranged. Appointments can be made by the week or by the day.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

24 hours in advance for cancellations or you will be charged in full for that session. No-shows will be charged for that sessions.

What are Renewal Notifications?

The credit card on file will be automatically charged for another package unless notified in advance of your last session. Invoices on account status are always available per your request. Clients have up to two years to use a package of sessions.

How do the Session Work?

Sessions are non-refundable. Sessions are transferable. Trainers work on a rotation basis with Hanson Fitness clients. We feel clients benefit from different approaches and training styles. If a client wishes to work with one specific trainer on an exclusive basis the rate is 10 one-hour sessions at $130/session.

Can I work with Harry Hanson as my personal trainer?

Yes! Harry works with clients directly on an appointment basis. To work with Harry Hanson exclusively the rate is $300.00 per hour.

Can I weightlift without an appointment with a trainer?

We don't allow weight lifting without a scheduled appointment with a personal trainer. We do this to ensure that the gym does not ever get crowded during personal training sessions. This is actually a benefit of our gym because you will never have to fight crowds or wait for a section of the gym to open up.

Can I come to the gym before or after a session?

Clients may arrive early or stay after the session(s) to do additional cardio work and use our private showers/facilities.

Can I come in to the gym when I don't have a session that day?

Hanson Fitness clients may come in to the gym to conduct cardiovascular work anytime during normal business hours at no additional charge. We do not allow for the use of any machines or weight lifting outside of scheduled sessions to keep the gym open to clients that are in sessions during those hours.

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