4 Reasons Why You Should Workout During Covid Lockdowns

I’m a firm believer in being active and working out anyway, but I want to talk to you about why it’s SUPER important to start working out (if you’re not already), especially during these New York lockdowns due to COVID-19.

I want to simply discuss the fact that it is our reality that gyms have been closed and semi-opened again. So, I know first-hand the disadvantages of not having a place to remain active and keep my body healthy.

Of course, social distancing and self-quarantining can cause some people like me to feel really agitated, anxious and lazy all at the same time. I have been doing my best to go out and at least run after work. I’m working from home because my office is closed, so when I ‘get off work’, my longest walk is from my home office to the kitchen. I have been trying to get in some cardio, just so that I am not cooped up 24/7.

BUT, now that private gyms are back open for appointments, I wanted to give you the top 4 reasons why you should start working out (again), especially during the lockdowns.

So here we go:

1. Maintaining an exercise routine will eliminate depression, anxiety, stress and dystrophy.

As I mentioned already, working from home and being inside all the time can cause some serious anxiety and stress. I am used to walking around the city (I live in SOHO) and going to the gym at least 4 times a week. Even if it’s only for an hour, I am used to having a routine of getting off work and going to the gym. But with the lockdowns, I have found myself getting more and more lazy, anxious and my body is becoming stiff. I’m in my 40’s and really have tried to stay in good health. However, I can feel my body getting weaker because I am not using my body the way I should be.

The lockdowns basically gave me a “way out” of having to go the gym. Look, it takes discipline to go to the gym, especially when it’s a private gym and you’re working with a personal trainer in SOHO like I do. When my gym shut down because of COVID I was sort of relieved. I didn’t have to push myself after work to go to the gym or call my personal trainer and tell him I wasn’t going to be there. It was an easy way out.

But the point is, now that most private gyms are back open and by appointment only, I am back in my routine and have felt all of the stress and anxiety leave my body. I’m no longer stiff and I’m not dealing with the muscle dystrophy that comes from sitting in my office after day. If you’re like me, it’s super important to remain active and not allow the stress and anxiety that can creep in with social distancing and staying inside.

If you’re in SOHO or Union Square, there are really great options for private gyms that will hook you up right now with a great workout routine and a private personal trainer.

2. Private gyms with personal trainers are the best way to get in shape quickly and efficiently. 

Let’s be real. Laziness keeps a lot of us out of the gym. I know that I was secretly happy when I was able to tell myself I didn’t ‘have to go to the gym’ because they were closed. Which means, I didn’t have to work out at all. WRONG! I gave myself an out. I gave myself an excuse. But once I got past that initial excuse and started going to a SAFE private gym, I had my personal trainer text/call me to keep me accountable and showing up for our workout sessions. It’s a lot easier to stay in shape and healthy when you have accountability. That’s why I love the fact that private gyms have personal trainers that take a vested interest in my growth.

Plus, I find that allowing a professional trainer who knows my body and already has a game plan for exactly how they can get me to reach my goals is a lot better than doing it myself. Truthfully, I was lifting as much weight as I could, running whatever mileage I thought was my max, and in reality, I wasn’t getting the most out of my personal workouts because I don’t know the physiology of training my own body. Having a personal trainer allows me to follow simple instruction, while achieving the most gains in every workout. Yes, I am being pushed, but isn’t that the point?

Having a personal trainer will forever be my only preference for staying in shape because there’s too many Pro’s vs Con’s of Having a Personal Trainer. (Check out our other blog on this topic). If there’s one piece of advice you get from this blog; reach out to a private personal training gym that has professional, certified personal trainers. You can thank me later. It’s literally the best way to achieve your goals the quickest and without the trial and error of trying to figure it out on your own.

3. Build Up Your Immune System

The healthier you are, the more kick-ass your immune system will be. 99% of people who get COVID recover as long as they have a healthy immune system. Yes, taking supplements and vitamins is super important, but having a healthy lifestyle and keeping your body active is significantly crucial as well. Obviously, having a healthy diet is the other aspect.

However, your immune system can fend off a lot of sicknesses when it’s in good physical condition. That being said, I know a UFC fighter that got COVID and he’s in probably better physical condition than 99% of the population of the world. So don’t hear what I am not saying. It’s not going to keep you 100% immune, but working out will 100% help your immune system to remain as healthy as possible.

According to the COVID Symptom Study, Dr. Claire Steves, a senior clinical lecturer at King’s College London said: “Exercise has a major effect on the immune system – it’s a fact we have known for decades.” So take it from an expert, getting in a healthy workout every day is going to help your immune system.

4. Private gyms are safer than bigger gyms right now

Private gyms are smaller, less congested with people (unlike big box gyms) and allow you to get a workout with professional equipment and direction. I am constantly hearing my friends and coworkers tell me that they don’t feel safe going to the big gyms in the city because there’s still a lot of people that go there. They’re unsure of the sanitation of the equipment and you’re always going to get that person who uses a machine or the weights that just refuses to sanitize after they’re done.

With a private gym, you don’t deal with all of that. There’s staff who are there specifically to ensure that safety of everyone in the gym at any one time. Plus, the workout sessions with personal trainers are scheduled. So whatever time you have schedule to be in the gym, you can rest assured that there won’t be any crowds and a minimum of 6ft separation from you and anyone else in the gym.

Personally, I feel much safer in a private gym knowing that I am able to get my work in and not have to worry if I am touching something that someone else recently used. All of the equipment in a private gym is sanitized after every use because the staff can actually keep track of who is using what equipment. Not to mention that the focus and attention is on ME because I am scheduled to be there.

In the end…

My desire is for everyone to stay healthy. I want my city back just like the rest of you. But we also need to take care of ourselves. Your #1 focus should be on making sure that you’re healthy by having consistent exercise and a fitness plan. The best option (and ONLY way if I am being honest) is to join a private personal training gym.

Get rid of all of the stress and anxiety. Build up your immune system. Get great results from professional personal trainers that are guiding you through every workout. Avoid the crowds and uncertainty of large gyms. I mean why take the chance at a large gym when you can get better service, privacy, and certified personal trainers at a private personal training gym?

It’s literally a Win-Win-Win. If you live in SOHO or Union Square, there are some fantastic options.

Before you sign up, make sure to ask them if they have updated their ventilation systems to ensure that there’s fresh air being pumped through the gym. Ask them about their mask policies. Lastly, make sure to ask them about the sanitization of all the equipment and machines. Don’t go blindly into any location without asking the proper questions. But if they have taken the necessary precautions and are taking care of their members like my private gym does, now is the best time to join.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Stay Fit! Let’s Go!