Is it Time for a New Personal Training Routine?

Working out with a personal trainer is one of the best ways to reach your fitness goals. Personal training offers individual attention, motivation, and accountability that you just won’t find when working out alone. However, there can be times when your personal training routine needs a shakeup.

Sometimes, shaking up your training routine is simply a matter of letting your trainer know that you’re bored and want to try something new. He or she may not initiate a new routine or type of exercise if you’re continuing to make progress with the old routine. However, you should always feel comfortable speaking up and letting him know you want a change. Maybe there’s a new exercise trend you’d like to try, or maybe you’re just tired of the particular exercises you’re performing. Either way, your trainer can help you liven up the routine.

Sometimes, it might be time for a new trainer. If yours has been resistant to change or been unreliable or unavailable, you might want to make a change. Of course, you should talk with your trainer first, but, if you’ve done that and the situation has not improved, consider finding a new personal trainer. Your trainer’s personal issues or lack of training or competence should not impede your progress or get in the way of you meeting your goals.

If it’s time to find a new trainer, consider personal training programs at other gyms as well as your current location. If you and your current trainer do not part on good terms, it may be more comfortable to find another personal training facility as well as a trainer. Be sure to interview any potential new trainer to ensure he or she can meet your needs. At Hanson Fitness, workouts are created on a rotation basis so that no one ever gets bored or stagnant in their progression of workouts. If it’s time for a new personal training in NYC, call Hanson Fitness today to be matched up with the right trainer for you!

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