Are You a Personal Trainer in New York Looking for a Private Gym to Train Your Clients?

Here are 5 things to look for in a private gym in New York to train your clients.

As personal trainers, it can be difficult to find new clients if you’re not interested in working for a big box gym. Especially in New York, there’s hundreds, if not thousands of personal trainers all trying to earn clients all over the city. So, when you do land some quality clients that are eager and loyal to work with you, where are you going to train them at? Some trainers often make home visits for their clients. But what if your clients aren’t in that upper echelon of clientele that have all of the necessary equipment at their house?

The best option is always going to be a gym. But again, big box gyms don’t normally allow independent personal trainers in New York to walk in and train their clients. Especially if those clients don’t even have a membership at the box gym. 

So that leaves one perfect location to bring your clients. A Private Gym. See, private gyms set their own rates and can even work a deal with independent trainers to utilize the private facility as their own. They set aside specific schedules just for independent trainers to train their clients. They also aren’t super crowded like big box gyms, so personal trainers rarely (if ever) have to wait for a piece of equipment to be available when they’re training a client.

There are tons of perks when it comes to personal trainers using a private gym to train their clients, but here are 5 IMPORATNT things to look for when deciding what private gym in New York to use as your home base to train your clients.


In any business, real estate location is key. Make no mistake, your personal training company is partnering with a private gym, so be sure to evaluate the location of any gym you look into.  If you’re going to be using a private gym as your ‘home base’ of operations to train your clients, the gym needs to have easy access for your clients to get there. How far away is it from the subway? Does it have easy street access? Is it near much of your client’s work places or residences? If your clients live in SOHO, then you need a private gym in SOHO. If some of your clients live in Union Square, then you need a private gym in Union Square. If you’re lucky, some private gyms have multiple locations across New York. So be sure to ask how many locations that you’ll have access to when you speak to them about using their gym to train your clients.


As we all know, cleanliness has become more and more essential in 2021 than ever before. Especially for places like gyms. Ask what cleanliness measures they have taken to ensure that your clients feel safe and clean during their sessions with you. Great private gyms in NYC have all stepped up their game in the cleanliness department, so look for private gyms that have gone the extra mile with cleanliness. This will go a long way with your clients.


Not only should you ask about the cleanliness of the gym and the equipment, but also ask them about the quality of their equipment. You need to make sure that every piece of equipment in that private gym is in full working order and that if you have a workout plan in place for your client(s) that the gym can accommodate to your program. Also, find out if they have a pre-set schedule that you need to adhere to, or if you are able to bring your clients in without having to schedule a session in advance.  Sometimes, a client might reschedule, so if you’re stuck on a schedule with the gym, it may cause issues. Find out if there’s a ‘book ahead’ policy or if you have access whenever you want.


As personal trainers, we don’t want to be held down by any long-term contracts. Just like our clients are loyal with us, we are loyal to superior private gyms that host us and our clients. But make sure to ask if they have any long-term contracts because this will determine if you’re stuck in a bind if one of your clients happen to cancel and you still owe the gym for time that you’re not going to be in there training anyone.


The Best Private Gyms in NYC actually offer additional benefits to YOUR clients if you train them in their gym. For example, top-level private gyms allow your clients to utilize their equipment after your session is over if your clients choose to. The very best allow your clients to use their showers and facilities no questions asked.

These are our top 5 things to look for as a personal trainer in New York when you’re scouting private gyms to train your clients. Hope this was helpful.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Stay Fit! Let’s Go!