Manhattan Gym Helps Seniors Improve Their Health

There is no denying the importance of physical activity for people over 65. More and more seniors are finding that daily physical activity can boost their mood, maintain cardiovascular health, improve muscle strength, improve flexibility, and help to prevent falls. If you are over the age of 65 and looking to get into shape or to maintain your current fitness, then working with a personal trainer at Hanson Fitness is what you need. In addition to being certified personal trainers and teachers, we have operated gyms in Manhattan for years that have always uniquely focused on fitness for all ages.

At Hanson Fitness, our trainers understand that fitness goals can differ from person to person, especially for people over the age of 65. We know active seniors may not want to climb a mountain or run a race but rather build muscle and regain balance. Our goal is to help you feel at ease and not intimidated by the machinery or weights at the facility. When you visit one of our gyms for the first time, you will not only be given a tour but taught how to properly use each piece of equipment to reduce the chance of injury and have us right by your side.

New this year, we are also offering group exercises classes to provide great low-impact activities and a way to socialize with like-minded people. Social engagement is important for seniors who like many people deal with loneliness or depression. Meeting new friends can help you maintain accountability and promote a little friendly competition!

While there are a number of ways to stay active, working with a trainer allows you as a senior to exercise all year long without worrying about the weather. We also often hear that having a reason to get out and not always stay at home provides purposeful resolve in seniors to keep living life to the fullest and have fun while doing it.

There is no denying the benefits that senior citizens receive by better addressing their fitness with exercise. Sometimes all you need is someone to help and that is what our team at Hanson Fitness can be for you: motivating, friendly, personalized fitness help.

If you’re looking to stay healthy long past retirement, call Hanson Fitness today to find out about our senior programs and discounts.

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