Making the Most of Personal Training in NYC

Exercise is a critical element of your health, but determining the right exercise program for you requires expertise. Personal training in NYC at Hanson Fitness can help ensure you’re making the most of your limited exercise time.

Knowing What to Expect

The first phase of personal training in NYC for residents is determining your history with fitness. Do you have any experience with exercise? What types of exercise did you enjoy the most? Part of the process of working with a personal trainer is exploring new exercise options, but you’ll also want to work with your trainer to craft an exercise program that will work for the long term. Have an open mind about trying new exercises, you might be surprised at what you enjoy.

Setting Your Goals

Most people who exercise share at least one goal: better health. However, some people primarily take up exercise as a means to lose weight, while others want to build or tone muscle. Some people are interested in improving their performance in sports, and some people want to have higher energy levels during the day. By thinking about your goals and sharing them with your personal trainer, you can tailor your exercise routine to meet your goals.

Diet Matters

While exercise is a great way to improve your metabolism, your overall health, and achieve and maintain a healthy weight, your diet matters as well. Talk with your personal trainer about diet advice. If you’re focusing on lifting weights, your trainer might recommend you eat more protein, while you might want to avoid carbohydrates if you’re primarily interested in losing weight. Consider making an appointment with a nutritionist to adjust your diet and make the most of your personal training sessions.

Tips for Frequent Travelers

The gym provides a great place to enjoy a broad range of exercise in a comfortable environment but, if like many New Yorkers you travel frequently, find out which exercises work well in hotel rooms. Our personal trainers can help provide you with the guidance you need to get an effective workout in, no matter where you are.

Working with a personal trainer can improve your quality of life dramatically, and the results increase over time. If you’re interested in meeting any type of fitness goals, contact us as Hanson Fitness to learn more about our personal training in NYC.

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