Are You Trying to Keep Up with the Fitness Train in Manhattan?

Everyone in New York (it seems), wants to stay fit. According to Time Magazine, Manhattan ranks 190th in the United States with 1.41 gyms in Manhattan per 10,000 people. This places the island just a few positions behind the highest ranked city in New York, being Wayne at the 150th position. The cosmopolitan island may be a mere 34 miles, but its 1.6 million residents wake up every morning with an urge to give their bodies a good workout. This is hardly an easy routine to maintain, given the round-the-clock lifestyle of the city that never sleeps.

Resident or visitor, there are ways of getting your fitness groove on. People generally take their pick from jogging through Central Park, cycling to work, or working out with fellow aficionados. Here are three means of keeping up with the fitness train in Manhattan.

Pump Those Muscles with a Bike Ride to Work

It’s ok to jog through Central Park and enjoy the sunrise in the early morning. However, a fitness-minded person may also want to consider taking it a bit further by renting a bike and cycling to work or a meeting. There is no shortage of bike rental companies in Manhattan and certainly no shortage of sights, including but not limited to, Belvedere Castle, Alice in Wonderland, and the Conservatory Gardens. This isn’t quite a substitute for a session at any of the gyms in Manhattan, but if left with no choice, it’ll do.

Take Out the Stiffness with Yoga

Sometimes, it pays to just take out that stiffness by stretching out fully and letting the muscles get the best of what nature-inspired routines have to offer. The SoHo neighborhood houses some great yoga centers where many people of similar interest meet to help each other unwind, the yoga way. If gyms in Manhattan are not close by, this can be a stopgap measure. It would be a good idea to ask the gym instructor how to combine it with the regular gym classes.

Do It the Good Ol’ Way at the Fitness Gym

To be honest, no method beats the tried and trusted way of working up a decent amount of sweat in the morning. Simply hit the gym, and let those muscles know who calls the shots when the workout starts. Whether it be with cardio equipment, strength machines, medicine balls, and everything in-between. Gyms in Manhattan are highly rated, so the best is on display.

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