5 Ways to Burn Calories Without Even Noticing

With our increasingly busy lifestyles, setting aside time to burn calories can seem almost impossible. But don’t worry – there are plenty of things you can start doing that’ll have you burning away calories without you even noticing!

Owner of Hanson Fitness and Celebrity Trainer Harry Hanson, who has trained stars such as Sandra Bullock and Tyra Banks tells us how we can burn extra calories every day with minimal effort. A great one for reluctant gym goers and anyone who wants to up their overall fitness level.

Harry says – “Aside from the time we dedicate to working out, there are other ways we can burn extra calories. These tips can be easily incorporated into daily life and are great for maximizing weight loss. Who knows, you might even be doing some of these things already!”

  1. DO A SPRING CLEAN – just 20 minutes of cleaning burns 100 calories. Let’s face it, it’s not the most exciting task, but it beats running aimlessly on the treadmill for hours. Anything to keep your workout interesting!
  1. FIDGETING AT YOUR DESK – being still for long periods of time doesn’t mean you don’t burn calories, but it’s not great for your health. If you’re a natural fidget, it’s your lucky day! Keep your legs moving under the desk and you could burn up to 300 extra calories per day.
  1. MOVE AROUND THE OFFICE – when we’re at work, we get into a bad habit of emailing our colleague that’s sitting right opposite us. Next time, get up and chat with the person face-to-face instead! Even better – skip the lift and take the stairs instead. You can burn an extra 150-200 calories just by moving more.
  1. STAND UP INSTEAD OF SITTING – the next time you’re waiting for an appointment or the train home, stand up instead of sitting down. No matter how comfortable the chairs may look, standing up burns 36 more calories per hour than sitting.
  2. WASH THE CAR YOURSELF – save some cash and burn more calories by skipping the car wash and doing it yourself. Scrubbing, waxing and washing off your car will burn over 200 calories!

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