Personal Training – Seniors

Many of the Hanson Fitness clients are between the ages of 65-80 plus. We understand that the goals of these clients can differ from someone who is thirty something. Again, we take these details very  seriously and understand that a senior client may not want to climb a mountain or run a race  (or maybe you do) but rather pay close  attention to the goals you have as an older individual. We are aware of such issues as maintaining balance, weight training, bone density improvement, fighting off osteoporosis and address any weight issues you could have.

We have experience with the senior client and have worked with many over the decades in the business. Our trainers are committed to working closely with you and addressing any concerns you may have before or after your training sessions. We understand your goals and your needs and will work with you accordingly. Another reason one on one training is so very valuable. No reason to feel intimidated or nervous with Hanson Fitness. We will design a fitness program specific to you.