Hanson Fitness Why One on One

You might be asking yourself ………..
How would I benefit from one on one training or even wonder what it is exactly.


For starters, individuals who work out with a trainer are more likely to go to the gym. Hanson Fitness trainers are educated, keep up with industry studies and reading material including workshop participation and staying informed with fitness products, props and all the equipment used in our fitness studios. There are so many benefits to one on one training. You are the only individual the trainer will concentrate on, your time is catered to you and your specific needs, goals and personal limitations, should there be any. Your sessions will be designed to fit you and only you. In addition, because of the one on on supervision there is less of a chance for injury. Our trainers are with you the entire session, at your side. You will be motivated, encouraged and feel rewarded by your accomplishments.  Our trainers will pay attention to any pre- existing medical conditions or injuries you may have and your time will be detailed to include such issues. With one on one training sessions flow is controlled by Hanson Fitness. There is no waiting for equipment of any kind. There are no crowds and never a line. 


In addition, ever walk into a gym and wonder what to do? Or how to use a piece of equipment. With one on one training the thinking is all done for you. Our trainers will mix it up and also make it interesting at the same time. Our trainers will demo an exercise until you are comfortable doing it on your own. We welcome your questions and love to talk about your progress and your goals. 
You can work with the same trainer session after session or if you prefer we can rotate our trainers so you can experience different training styles. The choice is yours. In addition, every Hanson Fitness client has free cardio equipment time with no appointment required.
We do all the thinking for you; and the planning. One on one training brings faster results and will be an enjoyable experience for you. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your one on one training experience at Hanson Fitness.
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