Hanson Fitness knows what it is to work with kids.

Many of our clients are kids. We offer specific training and exercise programs specifically designed for children Monday through Friday.  Exercise is so important for our children. Harry Hanson knows this personally and he has two active and fit children.

We work with kids who are school aged who might have A.D.D., hyperactivity, kids who may be particularly  tired, or over weight, children who are less active or the child who just loves to move. Trainers at  Hanson Fitness enjoys the young client. We bring creativity to the sessions to keep the child interested and focused and we know children are a unique client.

Exercise helps with confidence, energy, stamina and so much  more.  We work closely with  parents so you are aware of your child’s progress every step of the way.

Call us today to inquire  about our KIDS PROGRAM. An active kid is a happy kid.